About Us

Diane Carson is the visionary behind Carson Art Gallery, Inc. Originally dealing in 19th century oils and paintings, Carson Art is now a 33 year old, full service, independent art gallery acquiring art for architectural interior design professionals in the hospitality, healthcare, corporate and residential industry.

The most rewarding and glamorous side of the art world is the actual works themselves. Procuring and collaborating with talented artists is our foremost passion, however we also understand the mechanics that bring to life a successful installation. At Carson Art we have developed the discipline and resources to nurture the not so glamorous aspect of the business – framing, transportation and installation. Our consistent success is based on a philosophy to continuously embrace fresh, artistic talent while delivering that talent to our Clients within budget and on time. Our mission has always been to maximize the art budget yield and deliver substantial savings to our Client. At Carson Art we utilize our own in-house framers and installers, carefully selected for their experience and competence. By controlling these functions we are able to offer unique framing options with the ability to personally execute each process.

Carson Art operates exclusively as a wholesaler to the trade. In this role, the gallery has attracted a talented team of employees with wide ranging experiences in art and design – educated individuals with a contemporary, vivacious approach to life. This spirit is evident in the valuable and loyal relationships established within the design and purchasing community.

Owning our own 11,000 square foot gallery in the Dallas Design District ensures complete control over production, delivery and scheduling of projects. With an in-house framing department we have complete control over the quality of framing and space to store mouldings for emergency framing requests. We have an excellent, long standing relationship with our suppliers and installers, allowing us the opportunity to call in urgent requests at short notice. Always in constant communication with correspondents and artists all over the world our gallery inventory and access to different mediums is extensive.

As art consultants we work one-on-one with our Clients, ensuring that each work enhances the environment in a style consistent with the vision of the project. Inspired by locating and procuring works from around the globe, Carson Art shares their enthusiasm with Clients. Whether an eight-foot wide, three dimensional wood carving from Italy or a jewel encrusted longhorn from Allen, Texas our portfolios are full of diversity and imagination.

Carson Art. Continuously Inspired.